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Farm Insurance

from LKL Insurance

Farm Insurance

Farm and Ranch insurance in and around Austin County is our specialty. Farm and Ranch insurance is there to address very specific needs.

You see, even if you just started farming or ranching, the homeowner policy you may have had for years may no longer be adequate to protect your home and other structures on your farm or ranch.

If you look at your homeowner’s policy, there’s such a thing as an “incidental income” threshold. And although you might think that not a lot has changed in terms of your income (including what you are getting from your farm), there’s a chance that your little farm could now be considered a business.

This could mean the things you once thought were covered no longer are getting the protection you expect, such as new outbuildings and farm equipment.

Dealing with these uncertainties can add to your stress. But, with the expertise of LKL Insurance, we can help you sort out your farm and ranch insurance needs.

Protect your farm or ranch with a tailor-made policy

Combine various coverages in one tailored policy that will protect your Bellville or Sealy farm or ranch and that will provide liability coverage for your home as well.

Farm and ranch insurance is perfect not only for family farms and ranches but also for estate farms and commercial growers and packers of agricultural products. And while insurance policies tend to vary, standard farm and ranch insurance generally covers the following items:

  • Additional living expenses

  • Blanket/unscheduled

  • Farm dwelling

  • Home and contents (such as detached garages and other buildings for personal use)

  • Household furnishings

  • Liability protection

  • Ranch and farm structures

  • Ranch and household personal property

  • Scheduled farm personal property

  • Other private structures

Depending on the insurance type or provider, you may also opt for optional coverage enhancements such as:

  • Disruption of farming operations

  • Enhanced pollutant clean-up

  • Equine property (includes coverage for stable liability, property coverage for fences, corrals and pens, and equipment damage)

  • Equipment breakdown for farm equipment and outbuildings

  • Equipment breakdown for dwellings

  • Farm computer

  • High-value dwelling

  • Orchard and vineyard growers

  • Winery property endorsement

All these options are designed to make it easier for you to identify which specific types of cover you need, depending on your farm and ranch operations and personal requirements.

Let’s talk about your options

Farm and ranch operations have certain needs such as crop storage, irrigation, and warehousing. They are also exposed to a unique set of risks like pests and chemical drift.

To protect you and your growing business, you need to work with a specialized agribusiness insurer like LKL Insurance that’s updated on the latest industry insights and understands your needs.

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