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Nonprofit Insurance

from LKL Insurance

Nonprofit Insurance

Do you run a non-profit organization in The Greater Houston, TX area?

Whether you’re in charge of a charitable foundation, house of worship, or a fraternal organization, it's essential for you to work with an insurance agency like LKL Insurance that understands the needs and unique challenges NPOs face.

A different kind of risk

NPOs need a high-quality insurance policy to ensure the organization is shielded from financial loss. This policy must be tailored to your NPO's particular requirements and must be designed to provide adequate cover from the inherent risks you face.

In fact, your 501(c)3 requires insurance coverage that’s designed to protect your NPO, including you, your staff and volunteers, board of directors, and the beneficiaries or recipients of your projects.

If you have a large NPO handling substantial amounts of revenue and working with a large number of people, it's crucial to review your NPO insurance with licensed agents in Bellville and Sealy, Texas.

At LKL Insurance, we’ll go over the following items first before proposing a custom coverage for your NPO:

  • Who or what the NPO serves

  • Size and scope of your NPO

  • Number of volunteers

  • Risks faced by the NPO’s board of directors

  • Other organizational factors

After reviewing your NPO’s situation, we’ll put together a proposal detailing the coverages you need, why you need them, and the cost/s of coverage.

Coverages to consider

Since no two NPOs are alike, we at LKL Insurance always take care to provide tailored policies appropriate to your organization and situation.

Below are the customizable non-profit insurance policies and options available to NPOs:

  • Business property coverage

  • Commercial auto coverage

  • Directors’ and officers’ insurance

  • Employment practices liability insurance (EPLI)

  • General liability insurance

  • Professional liability (for errors and omissions) insurance

  • Property insurance

  • Special event coverage

  • Umbrella coverage

  • Unemployment insurance

  • Vehicle insurance

  • Workers' compensation insurance

  • Any additional insurance

Although NPOs do not work for profit, you still need to protect the organization’s assets and financial standing just like any business. Ensuring your NPO is fully covered against damage and loss is important for ensuring the health, stability, and longevity of the organization.

Protect Your Work

A lot of NPOs are under the impression that since they are operating for a noble cause, they do not face any risk, liability, or claims. However, the truth is that everyone is vulnerable – including your Houston, TX area NPO.

With the presence of so many litigious people, you’ll want to prevent your NPO from becoming the subject of a lawsuit, no matter how frivolous it may seem.

Now’s the time to take measures to mitigate any claims and reduce your NPO’s exposure –speak to us at LKL Insurance and get a high-quality non-profit organization insurance in Texas.

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