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Small Business Insurance

Small Business Insurance

If you run a small business in Bellville Sealy, or the surrounding area you need small business insurance to keep your enterprise protected when an unfortunate event happens. You also have a legal and moral obligation to protect your staff or employees from unforeseen events that could expose your business to tremendous risks.

So if you’ve yet to get small business insurance, talk to us at LKL Insurance and we’ll help you identify the best protection your company needs.

Different coverages for different requirements

In Texas, the only type of commercial insurance required of businesses is business auto insurance. So if you own vehicles used for business purposes, those cars, vans, or trucks must be properly insured.

All other policies and coverages are optional, so it’s up to you if you want to purchase the following types of commercial insurance:

  • Business owners’ policy

  • Commercial crime

  • Commercial general liability

  • Commercial property

  • Commercial umbrella

  • Cyber liability

  • Directors’ and officers’ liability

  • Employment practices liability

  • Equipment breakdown

  • Professional liability (E&O)

  • Workers’ compensation

With these choices, you can get the coverage you require for your small business – to protect it from various accidents, damages, and lawsuits that could cripple a small business financially in the absence of the right protection.

However, unlike other states that require workers’ compensation, Texas does not obligate small businesses to get workers’ compensation. This doesn’t mean that they should disregard serious on-the-job accidents and occupational illnesses. In fact, Texas businesses, whether big or small, are still responsible for the occupational injury expenses of their employees.

Costs to consider

With small businesses, we know that cost is a major factor in determining the coverage you’ll want and actually get.

If you have any problems making decisions for insuring your Bellville or Sealy enterprise, we’ll be more than happy to discuss the following factors that can influence the cost of your insurance. This way, we can come up with a good quote that covers all the bases of your business.

  • Claims history

  • Deductibles

  • Number of employees

  • Length of experience

  • Gross sales

  • Industry

  • Location

  • Policy limits

Understandably, the insurance needs, costs, and coverages of various small businesses belonging to different industries will vary – which is where LKL Insurance comes in.

We know that a lot of people tend to get lost in the insurance lingo and in the many types of commercial insurance available. And this is precisely why LKL Insurance is here.

We’ll help you sift through your choices and identify the best coverage combo for your small business.

Call us at 979-865-9151 today!